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Hauling Buddies

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Hauling Buddies is a one-of-a-kind online platform designed to streamline the process of finding reliable animal transporters in your area. Perfect for pet owners, animal rescue organizations, and hobbyists alike, the platform utilizes a sophisticated AI-powered search engine, ChatGPT, to provide personalized recommendations and contact information for local transporters. Users can browse through genuine user reviews to determine the best fit for their furry friends. Hauling Buddies also prioritizes regulatory compliance, allowing users to search the USDA certificates database by Name or APHIS number and the FMCSA database by DOT Number or company name. In essence, Hauling Buddies takes the guesswork out of animal transportation by offering a comprehensive all-in-one solution to connect with trustworthy, compliant, and reputable transporters in your vicinity.




Example Prompts


"Find animal transporters by the name 'Fast Haul'"


"Search for livestock carriers near


"Look for equine transporters in the vicinity of


"Search for animal transport companies that handle small animals near


"Check USDA certificates for APHIS number


"Search for a USDA certificate under the name 'Animal Express'"


"Find information on the FMCSA database for DOT number


"Look up 'Evergreen Transport' in the FMCSA database"


"Who are the animal transporters in New York city?"


"Find transporters who can handle livestock near Los Angeles"

Description for AI

Find reliable animal transporters in your vicinity using ChatGPT. Request recommendations, read reviews, and access contact details of local animal transporters. Additionally, search for transporters' USDA certificates database by Name or APHIS number, and FMCSA database by DOT Number or company name, ensuring they comply with necessary regulations.

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