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Introducing Git OSS Stats, an innovative tool designed to dive deep into the world of open-source software (OSS) repositories and developers, extracting and analyzing valuable data for those who crave a more comprehensive insight into their projects. Git OSS Stats is not just another analytics tool; it delves beyond standard metrics to offer an extensive array of capabilities, including detailed repository information, user data, community engagement, and even star history. This advanced solution empowers developers by delivering meaningful statistics and pertinent information, allowing them to closely monitor their projects' growth and success, while identifying opportunities for improvement and expansion. If in-depth data analysis is what you seek, Git OSS Stats presents unmatched proficiency in presenting the bigger picture when it comes to OSS repositories and their contributors.




Example Prompts


Show me the GitHub profile of the user 'johnsmith'.


Provide information about the 'tensorflow' repository under the 'tensorflow' organization on GitHub.


Get the most starred repositories of the GitHub user 'janedoe'.


Find the number of followers and following for the GitHub user 'michaeljackson'.


Retrieve the README file for the 'react' repository under the 'facebook' organization on GitHub.


Get the total number of commits made by the GitHub user 'elonmusk'.


Show the primary language and license used in the 'expressjs' repository under the 'express' organization on GitHub.


Provide the stargazer data for the 'vue' repository under the 'vuejs' organization on GitHub.


Find the number of public repositories and gists owned by the GitHub user 'billgates'.


Show the creation date and last update date of the 'angular' repository under the 'angular' organization on GitHub.

Description for AI

Manages the retrieval of comprehensive statistics and information about OSS repositories or developers. It provides capabilities such as generating and fetching detailed repository data, user data, community data, star history, and other relevant statistics.

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