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Introducing Giga Tutor, the revolutionary AI-powered personal tutor designed to cater to each user's individual needs and learning preferences. As an incredibly advanced API, Giga Tutor goes beyond standard educational solutions, seamlessly adapting to users by personalizing their question-answering experience. This state-of-the-art tool boasts an adaptive interface that fosters an optimal learning environment and truly immersive educational experience. The brilliance of Giga Tutor lies in its ability to craft unique, targeted responses to users' questions, ensuring in-depth comprehension and maximized learning potential. By harnessing the power of AI, Giga Tutor represents the future of personalized learning advancement, employing cutting-edge technology to provide users with an unparalleled education support system.




Example Prompts


"Can you summarize this article about climate change?"


"What are the key points in this book review?"


"Please give me a brief overview of the latest scientific research on COVID-


"Could you provide a summary of the main events in this historical timeline?"


"I need a concise summary of this movie plot."


"What are the key highlights from this sports match?"


"Can you give me a summary of the main arguments in this political speech?"


"Please provide a synopsis of this business report."


"What are the main findings from this research paper on artificial intelligence?"


"Could you give me a brief overview of this financial statement?"

Description for AI

API which provides the details for each user on how they want their questions answered.

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