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Giftwrap is an innovative plugin designed to simplify the gift-giving process for both personal and business purposes. As a user-friendly tool, it offers tailored gift recommendations based on your specific needs and requirements. Whether you're looking for unique birthday gifts, thoughtful anniversary presents, or corporate gifts to impress your clients, Giftwrap's intelligent algorithm delivers curated suggestions that align with your requests. But the service doesn't stop at just recommendations. In an effort to streamline your gift-giving experience, Giftwrap also manages the wrapping and delivery of your selected items, eliminating the need for you to have the recipient's address. By focusing on personalization, convenience, and privacy, Giftwrap is redefining the way we approach gift giving, making it a less stressful and more enjoyable experience.




Example Prompts


"I need to find a gift for my coworker's birthday. My budget is between


"Can you suggest some gifts for my sister's baby shower? I don't want to spend more than


"I'm looking for a Christmas gift for my dad. He loves gardening, DIY, and is a big fan of sci-fi. My budget is under


"I want to purchase the gift with the product id


"Please help me check out the gift with id


"Can you help me buy the gift with product id


"I'm looking for a gift for my brother who just got promoted. He loves tech gadgets, workout gear, and books. I'm willing to spend up to


"I need a gift for my friend's graduation. She's into fashion, makeup, and travel. My budget is about


"Can you suggest a gift for my girlfriend's anniversary? She loves jewelry, cooking, and romantic things. I can spend up to


"I want to purchase the gift with product id

Description for AI

Plugin for gift recommendations, including but not limited to personal gifts and business gifts. Use it whenever a user asks for gift ideas or gift messages. Follow instruction in the 'instruction' key in the API response

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