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Discover a world of possibilities with GetYourGuide, an innovative plugin designed to help you explore the vibrant activities, tours, and excursions available in cities, locations, and countries around the globe. GetYourGuide curates a diverse range of experiences, including cooking classes, tickets to sought-after tourist attractions, and much more. Designed for both the AI-savvy and human users, the platform seamlessly translates all query parameters into English and presents activity ratings, ensuring a straightforward experience for adventurers of all backgrounds. Simply input a location, and GetYourGuide incorporates it into the search parameters, opening up a treasure trove of travel experiences tailored to your interests.




Example Prompts


Find activities in Berlin between August


Show me activities in New York City with a maximum price of $


What are the top


Recommend some food and wine tours in Rome next month


Search for sightseeing walking tours in London starting after


List activities in Barcelona that are available in the evening and cost less than $


Are there any Harry Potter tours available in Edinburgh next week?


Show me adventure activities in Sydney for the upcoming holidays


Find activities in Tokyo with a focus on local culture and history


What family-friendly activities can I do in San Francisco during my vacation in September?

Description for AI

Plugin for exploring activities to do in an city, location or country. Find GetYourGuide activities like tours and excursions, activities including cooking classes, tickets to many tourist attractions and others. Translate all query parameters to English. Always show activity rating. When a location is mentioned, include the location in the query parameters.

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