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Get Social Proof is an innovative tool integrating artificial intelligence to facilitate the collection and generation of social proof in the form of customer testimonials, stories, and case studies. The tool operates through a seamless and user-friendly process, wherein users share a URL with their customers who can then complete a virtual interview at their convenience. The AI-driven interview captures critical insights and experiences that are then utilized to automatically generate content by Get Social Proof. Users can access and tailor these transcripts to align with their unique content requirements. This technology, therefore, offers an advanced yet simplified approach to gathering social proof, ensuring a streamlined experience for both businesses and their customers. This tool is particularly beneficial for businesses yet to sign up for the free trial, as it provides an efficient avenue for creating impactful content, boosting credibility, and driving engagement.




Example Prompts


"Show me all the AI social proof interviews."


"I need the social proof interview named 'John's Experience'."


"Can you get the social proof interview with the ID '


"List all the stories collected till now."


"Fetch me the story with ID 'abcd-


"I want to see the stories related to the customer named 'Michael'."


"Could you check if the service is working correctly?"

Description for AI

Plugin to collect and process Social Proof via an external AI virtual interviewer that interviews customers. Social proof will be collected in the form of testimonials, customer stories and case studies. The typical workflow is: 1. The user gets a url to an anonymous virtual survey that they can send to the customer. 2. The customer completes the interview in their own time. 3. The content is generated automatically by GetSocialProof. 4. The user can get the story transcripts to generate their own content with their modifications. If there are no Invitation URLs or stories, it means the user hasn't signed up for the free trial yet.

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