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The GameBase platform revolutionizes the way gamers search and discover games, propelling the gaming experience to new heights. Enriched with the most up-to-date game information, strategies, and related video assets from 2023, this platform accommodates gamers across different platforms. Touted as a gaming concierge of sorts, GameBase streamlines the gaming discovery process according to user preferences. With a keen focus on precision, it encourages tailoring search inputs by asking clarifying questions, avoiding stereotyping based on age or gender. Its robust backend infrastructure mitigates the risk of presenting empty or inaccurate results by leveraging Web Query capabilities, ensuring that gamers are always informed about the most relevant and high-quality gaming content. GameBase, through its intuitive interface, assures gamers never miss any valuable pointers, keeping it an indispensable resource in the dynamic world of gaming.




Example Prompts


Find information about the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Search for top-rated action games released between


Can you show me the prices for the game Hollow Knight on Nintendo Switch?


Look up some gameplay videos of Cyberpunk


Get details about the game Hades, including its metacritic score and platforms

Description for AI

Use the GameBase plugin for anything related to game searching and discovery. This plugin will assist users in finding relevant results from the finest game information、strategy、related videos worldwide. To use it most effectively, begin by asking clarifying questions about the kind of game the user is looking for. Do not assume the user's age or gender. Do not guess. Ask questions anytime you are uncertain. If the search results are empty, do not fabricate games and use web query to get results. Do not make up details about game information or game price.If you think the result is not good enough, you MUST use web query to google it!

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