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FiscalNote is a cutting-edge tool that unlocks the power of real-time data sets for legal, political, and regulatory information. Designed to keep you ahead in the ever-changing world of legislation, this platform offers unparalleled access to select market-leading resources through its API suite. Some of its distinct features include the Biden remarks API, which helps users delve into the statements made by President Biden, while the calendar API allows you to stay on top of the White House's official calendar. In addition, the Roll Call API serves as a treasure trove of news articles related to Congressional proceedings and key figures. With FiscalNote's in-depth data insights, savvy professionals can stay informed and make data-driven decisions without breaking a sweat. So, whether you're a policy wonk or just someone who needs an edge in navigating the complex landscape of regulations, FiscalNote might be the game-changer you've been looking for.




Example Prompts


What events are scheduled at the White House on


Can you get me the calendar for the White House on


Show me the White House events for


Can you find remarks by Biden?


I want to see Biden's speeches.


Can you search for Biden's remarks?


I'm looking for articles from Roll Call.


Can you search Roll Call for articles?


Show me articles from Roll Call.


What's on the home page?


Can you show me the root page?


I want to see the main page.

Description for AI

Use the Biden remarks API to answer questions about statements (spoken or written) made by President Biden. Use the calendar API to answer questions about the White House official calendar. Use the Roll Call API to search for news articles related to Congressional people and proceedings.

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