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In the bustling digital market, the AI Gift Finder stands out as an innovative tool designed to streamline your gift selection process. This advanced application utilizes two distinct APIs — GiftInterview and search — to cater to your gifting needs. Upon request for shopping or product recommendations, the GiftInterview API delves into an interactive dialogue to help understand your preferences and narrow down the options. As the conversation concludes, the search API kicks in, compiling key phrases from the interview and generating a curated list of potential gifts from Amazon. It's a seamless integration of artificial intelligence with e-commerce, aimed at simplifying your shopping experiences and ensuring you find the perfect gift every time. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just a token of appreciation, the AI Gift Finder is your personalized, AI-powered shopping assistant.




Example Prompts


"Search for the best deals on electronics."


"Find me the cheapest flight tickets to New York."


"Show me the top-rated restaurants in my area."


"Can you find me a coupon code for my online purchase?"


"Help me compare prices for laptops from different brands."


"Find the nearest gas stations along my route."


"I need recommendations for affordable hotels in Paris."


"Search for the latest fashion trends for summer."


"Find me the best hiking trails in the national park."


"Can you help me find a reliable car rental service?"

Description for AI

API for finding the perfect gift. There are two endpoints in this API that you will call, GiftInterview and search. Upon asking for gift or product or shopping recommendations, GiftInterview will inject a prompt to better aid the user in narrowing down his or her options. Once the user has indicated that the interview is over, search will take the keywords provided and generate amazon search results for the gifts the user is looking for on

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