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Feng Shui Divination

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The Feng Shui Divination tool merges modern technology with ancient Chinese tradition, specifically the I Ching (Book of Changes), to offer a unique twist on forecasting one's future. Utilizing essential data points such as your birth date and time, this tool calculates your BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny) according to the I Ching principles. Whether you're worried about your professional growth, personal relationships, or your general well-being, this tool goes beyond generic horoscopes to provide a more personalized interpretation of the areas you concern about. Ideally suited for individuals keen on exploring their destiny through the lens of traditional Chinese philosophy, Feng Shui Divination highlights how ancient wisdom can meet contemporary needs. The tool is primed to deliver a captivating and potentially revealing exploration into your life, work, love, and health that could offer new perspectives on decision-making and personal growth.




Example Prompts


Can you show me a list of divination options?


I want to get a divination reading for my career. My birthday is on


Please predict my fortune for this year. I was born on


I want to know about my health based on Feng Shui. My birthday is


Can you do a divination for my love life? I was born on


I want to know about my personality. My birthday is


Please predict my life based on Feng Shui. I was born on


I want a divination for easy living. My birth date and time are


Can you predict my diet according to Feng Shui? My birthday is


Please provide a comprehensive divination for all aspects. I was born on

Description for AI

Based on the birth date and time provided by the user, use the I Ching to calculate their BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny). Then, perform divinations concerning aspects they care about, such as work, life, love, and health, and provide the divination results.

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