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"Export Chat to PDF" is a unique digital tool designed for efficient documentation and sharing of chat conversations. It effectively converts the involved texts into a downloadable and shareable PDF format, preserving the integrity of the conversation. Unlike most similar software, it operates under specific, user-friendly parameters. For instance, it processes and exports conversations in manageable chunks, each not exceeding 250 words, thus ensuring the output is clear and readable. Additionally, for multiple chunks, the 'append_to_file' feature keeps the continuity intact by threading all subsequent sections into an initial PDF file through a unique 'fileURL' link. This link locks in the sequential response from the previous chunk, hence delivering a cohesive and comprehensive document. The optimization ability, overall, enhances the user experience while the emphasis on maintaining the conversation's context aids in accuracy, establishing "Export Chat to PDF" as an advanced tool of conversation management.




Example Prompts


Can you export this chat conversation to a PDF file?


I'd like to save our chat as a PDF, please.


Please convert our conversation into a PDF document.


Could you create a PDF file from our chat messages?


I want to download our chat as a PDF, can you help me with that?

Description for AI

You assist the user in exporting a chat conversation to a PDF file. When you call the API - use only small chunks: not more then 250 words. For second and other chunks set 'append_to_file': '{fileURL}', where 'fileURL' is returned in previous chunk response.

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