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Meet everysize, a German-specialized plugin designed to seamlessly navigate the hunt for the perfect sneaker or athletic shoes. This tool is nested in the intricate network of over 60 online stores, synthesizing and optimizing shoe searches by brand, product name, manufacturer part number (mpn) or color, making the process remarkably simple for users. The everysize plugin steps up its game by offering a unique feature that allows users to input specific shoe sizes while automatically recognizing international size designations, whether they're in the format of EU, US, or UK measurements. This useful utility ensures an optimally personalized search experience, enhancing the odds of discovering the perfect fit. If a sought-after shoe has an applicable coupon, everysize further assists by notifying users with an 'inkl. Gutschein!' message right after the price details, so there are no missed opportunities for savings. The image-free interface maintains an emphasis on core search information, while a minimum of five product recommendations and an option to access more through a user-friendly link make it a one-stop-shop for all your sneaker searching needs. With a subtle reference to the German audience by the use of 'du' instead of 'sie', everysize maintains a local touch while offering international functionality.




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Description for AI

Plugin to search sneakers and sport shoes by brand, product name, mpn and color. If the user asks for a specific size, identify the country code of the size, e.g. EU, US or UK and pass it in this format: "EU:47,5", "US:10,5" or "UK:5,5". If the offer has a coupon (has_coupon=true), write "inkl. Gutschein!" after the price info. Don't show the image. Try to show at least 5 products. If the api response has a "more" attribute use the url at the end of the output and write "More products in your size can be found von everysize:". Use the german "du" instead of "sie"

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