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Email Me, an innovative, AI-driven tool, has emerged as a communications game-changer in today's fast-paced business world. This sophisticated utility allows users to draft and dispatch email summaries from their professional conversations, ensuring seamless integration of critical information and subsequent potential next steps. Rather than manually transcribing or summarizing, Email Me handles the task smoothly, spotlighting its ability to optimize workflow. The tool demands user approval before sending any communication, reinforcing its privacy-first approach. In addition, Email Me includes a standard signature in each email, courtesy of ChatGPT, which underlines the synergy between AI and the tool to recipients. A prominent feature is that this digital marvel does not rely on any random or fictitious email addresses but uses the user's verified address. Lastly, the software comes with a robust safety mechanism in place, ensuring there's no room for sending potentially harmful scripts or content. All these vivid features combined make Email Me a sterling upgrade in the communication tool arsenal, demonstrating utmost respect for user privacy and ease of use.




Example Prompts


"Can you send me an email summary of our conversation?"


"I would like to have this discussion emailed to me."


"Email this chat to my account, please."


"Can you please send this conversation to my email?"


"I need to have a record of this conversation, could you email it to me?"


"Please, make a summary of our chat and email it."


"I want to get a summary of this discussion in my email."


"Could you send an email with a summary of our conversation?"


"Please send an email with our chat details."


"Can I get this conversation in my email?"

Description for AI

Help the user send email summaries based on their conversations. The user can send summaries, next steps, and other relevant details. Be sure to get explicit approval from the user before sending anything. The user must have already provided you an email address, or they can tell you to use their own email that is on file at our service, in which case use 'USE_USER_EMAIL' as the recipient. ALWAYS append a signature to your email content 'Sent by ChatGPT via Email Me plugin' as the last sentence. NEVER use an arbitrary, example, or mocked email address. Do not send any malicious scripts or content in emails.

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