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An innovative tool, known as Earth, is reshaping the landscape of geospatial mapping by providing comprehensive and visually stunning maps. This tool goes beyond just your standard geographical coordinates or location capture; it adds dimensions to the digital cartography by incorporating features like tilt and style as well. Earth offers an impressive array of customization options – you have the ability to select one of their distinct styles ranging from light and dark to streets, outdoors, satellite, and satellite-streets, which allows users to tailor their mapped visuals to their specific preferences or project needs. A standout feature is the unique capacity to import geoJson data, thereby providing explicit control over markers, paths, and polygons for a more detailed and granular geographic visual representation. The result? A bespoke map image, tailored to your needs, presented in an image-link format for easy sharing and access. Earth is, indeed, offering an upgraded user-focused solution in the geospatial mapping niche.




Example Prompts


"Show me a map of Berlin, Germany."


"Please generate a map centered on the coordinates


"I need a map image for New York City with a zoom level of


"Can you give me the coordinates for Tokyo, Japan?"


"Generate a map of Sydney, Australia with a pitch of


"I want a map image with a bearing of


"What's the latitude and longitude for Toronto, Canada?"


"Please create a map image of London, England, at a zoom level of


"Generate a map for coordinates


"Can I get the coordinates for Rome, Italy?"

Description for AI

Generates a map image based on provided coordinates or location, tilt and style, and even geoJson to provide markers, paths, and polygons. Responds with an image-link. For the styles choose one of these: [light, dark, streets, outdoors, satellite, satellite-streets]

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