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Bonrix Dynamic QR

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Bonrix Dynamic QR is an innovative tool designed to streamline digital payments in today's fast-paced digital era. Serving as a powerful plugin, Bonrix Dynamic QR generates dynamic payment QR codes, catering to the surge in UPI transactions. By simply inputting a UPI ID and the desired amount, users can generate easy-to-scan QR codes, transforming the way receipts and payments are managed. This tool, therefore, not only adds an extra layer of convenience to the payment process but also enhances the security quotient, a critical aspect of digital transactions. The dynamic nature of the QR codes means that every transaction gets a unique QR code, further boosting the security measures. Whether you're a small business looking to simplify your payment process or an individual seeking an easier way to manage transactions, Bonrix Dynamic QR brings the power of UPI transactions into the palm of your hand in a secure and user-friendly format.




Example Prompts


Generate a UPI QR code for upiID abc@


Create a UPI QR code for upiID and amount


Generate a UPI QR code sticker for upiID myupi@bank with an amount of


Make me a UPI QR code without amount for upiID user@upi and merchant name Jane Smith


Create a UPI QR code with upiID xyz@upi and an amount of

Description for AI

Plugin for Generating Dynamic Payment QR code to easily receive payments via UPI.

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