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Doc Maker A+ is a dynamic tool crafted with a sole purpose of streamlining and enhancing your document creation process. This robust software effortlessly generates A+ quality documents in seconds, ranging from resumes and cover letters to more complex files. It supports an impressive variety of formats, including PDFs, DOCX, XLSX, CSV, and HTML, making it flexible for diverse user requirements. One of the standout features is its built-in functionality to escape special characters for JSON string used in API calls, a technical detail often overlooked but crucial for maintaining the integrity of your data. Doc Maker A+ not only simplifies the document creation process but also ensures the final product is of the highest standard. Regardless of your technical prowess, this tool is designed to facilitate your document production, saving valuable time and effort.




Example Prompts


"Create a document named ProjectProposal"


"Add the following rows to the document: Introduction, Objective, Methodology, Expected Results"


"Insert these rows after the Introduction: Background, Literature Review"


"Update the row named Objective with this content: Our main objective is to improve the user experience on our platform"


"Remove the rows named Literature Review and Expected Results"


"Read the document from this URL:


"Bulk update the following rows: Objective, Methodology, Results with their respective content: Our main objective is to improve the user experience, Our methodology involves user surveys and A/B testing, The results will be measured based on user engagement metrics"


"Bulk create the following rows: Abstract, Conclusion"


"Bulk delete the rows: Introduction, Background"


"I want to read the document from this link:

Description for AI

Help the user create a PDF, DOCX, CSV, XLSX or HTML file. Make sure you escape special characters for JSON string used in API call.

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