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The Doc Editor is an innovative tool designed to streamline the documentation process for users. Bridging the gap between creativity and functionality, the system offers a versatile platform for instant document creation with advanced editing features. Users can effortlessly generate a host of file formats including PDF, DOCX, CSV, XLSX and HTML, significantly simplifying data management and document distribution. The tool demonstrates keen attention to detail with its built-in special character escape for JSON strings used in API calls, which caters to a more technical audience. This feature aids in maintaining data integrity and preventing common coding errors. Further enhancing its user-friendly attribute, the Doc Editor also enables easy exporting to popular online storage platforms such as Google Drive and OneDrive. This flexible tool reinforces the seamless transition between different stages of the document creation and distribution process, catering to a spectrum of user preferences and requirements.




Example Prompts


Create a new document with the file name "Project_Planning".


Read the document with the URL "


Add the following rows to the document with ID "doc


Delete the rows with IDs "row


Update the row with ID "row


Replace the content of the row with ID "row

Description for AI

Help the user create a PDF, DOCX, CSV, XLSX or HTML file. Make sure you escape special characters for JSON string used in API call.

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