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The Disteur platform is notable for its intuitive design and advanced tech that allows digital product creators to stay a step ahead in this competitive marketplace. Catering to these digital mavens, Disteur offers a Quickstart feature, a resourceful plugin that simplifies and optimizes product creation. Upon activation, this plugin pre-populates a product draft with the essential components such as title and description, priming it for finalization. This considerably streamlines the process, saving time and fostering greater efficiency. Users can access this handy tool through a Quickstart link, thus ensuring the drafting phase of digital product creation is a breeze. This innovative feature puts Disteur's platform at the forefront, making it a preferred choice for those wanting to create digital products seamlessly and efficiently.




Example Prompts


"I want to create a draft for my new product called 'Handmade Leather Wallet', with a description 'Made from high-quality leather. Features multiple card slots and a transparent ID window.', and I want to set the price at $


"Generate a quick start link for my product titled 'Digital Artwork Collection', described as 'A collection of my best digital artworks in high-resolution JPEG format.' with a price of


"Can you help me create a product draft? The product title is 'Eco-friendly Bamboo Toothbrush', the description is 'A sustainable choice for your oral hygiene routine. Made from


"I would like to create a product draft for 'Vegan Cookbook:


"Create a quick start link for a product named 'Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle', with a description 'A challenging


"I need to draft a new product. The title is 'Vintage Cotton T-shirt', the description is 'Made from soft, breathable cotton. Features a unique vintage design.', and I want to price it at $


"Can you generate a product draft for my 'Organic Skincare Set', described as 'Nourish your skin with our organic skincare set. Includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.', with a price of $

Description for AI

This plugin pre-fills a product draft with title, description, and more. Users can use the Quickstart link to finalize their digital product on the Disteur platform. This is useful whenever a user wants to create a digital product.

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