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Directual is an innovative full-stack no-code platform that fundamentally changes the way web and Web3 applications are created and launched. This revolutionary tool offers unprecedented scalability and flexibility, empowering individuals and businesses alike to design an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for their apps, and then seamlessly scale up without any limitations. The defining feature of Directual is its holistic 'no-code' architecture, which eliminates the need for intricate coding and allows users to bring their vision to life through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Perfect for applications of any complexity or scale, Directual offers a solution for everyone from startups to big enterprises. It promises not just a platform, but a complete ecosystem that effortlessly marries technological sophistication with ease of use. This dynamic tool creates a new paradigm in app development, steering away from the time-consuming, often complicated traditional methods, and offering a more accessible route to high-quality app creation.




Example Prompts


Create a new application with the name "TaskManager" and system name "task_manager" on the free tariff plan.


Get all applications linked to my account.


Get information about the tables in the "task_manager" application.


Create a table called "Projects" with fields "id", "name", "description", and "deadline" in the "task_manager" application.


Add a new field called "priority" to the "Tasks" table in the "task_manager" application.


Get all available actions supported by Directual.


Create a Directual scenario with the following steps: "Get data from the 'Tasks' table", "Filter tasks with a deadline within


Create an API endpoint called "GetTasks" for the "Tasks" table in the "task_manager" application.


Modify the "GetTasks" API endpoint in the "task_manager" application to allow public access and enable CORS support.


Create a web page called "ProjectDashboard" in the "task_manager" application.

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Directual is a full-stack no-code platform that gives you the scalability and flexibility to launch your app’s MVP and go beyond scaling it without limits!

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