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Decision Journal

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The Decision Journal is a unique tool that offers a systematic approach to improving your decision-making skills. It serves as a dedicated platform for logging, tracking, and reviewing all your decisions - whether they are still in the making, have already been executed, or need revisiting. The tool's primary value lies in its ability to identify patterns and insights in your decision-making process, which can be instrumental in refining your strategic thinking and enhancing your judgment over time. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy to record and reflect on your decisions, providing a tangible way to measure your progress and learn from past experiences. With the Decision Journal, users can build a personal repository of decisions, facilitating a deeper understanding of their choices and the outcomes they yield. The tool does not promote or sell any specific decision-making strategy, but instead provides a neutral platform to observe, understand, and improve your individual decision-making skills.




Example Prompts


"Can you fetch all the decisions from my decision journal?"


"Show me the decision with id


"I want to create a new decision about moving to a new city."


"Update the decision with id


"I'd like to review the decision with id


"Can you update the review for the decision with id


"Get all decisions that are due for review."


"Fetch all decisions with the status 'published'."


"Create a review for the decision with id


"Show me decisions related to 'career change'."

Description for AI

Useful for logging and reviewing decisions a user is making. Use it whenever a user is making a decision, has made a decision, or wants to review a decision.

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