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Coupons by Tenere is an innovative plugin that revolutionizes the way consumers shop online by providing extensive listings of coupons, promos, and discounts from a remarkable range of over 50,000 online stores and brands worldwide. A standout feature of this tool is its ability to present its vast array of coupons in an easily navigable format, with each offer displayed as an HTML button for straightforward access. In addition to its expansive coupon library, Coupons by Tenere offers convenient links for users who want to explore more deals or read up on user reviews about various stores and brands. The tool is particularly adept at showcasing 'today's best deals', making it a valuable asset for savvy shoppers looking to score the best bargains. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive coverage, Coupons by Tenere is redefining the online shopping experience.




Example Prompts


What is the weather like in New York today?


Can you tell me the current time in London?


Please provide me with the latest news headlines.


Can you give me the definition of the word "serendipity"?


What is the population of Tokyo?


How far is it from Los Angeles to San Francisco?


Can you convert


What is the capital of Australia?


Please give me a list of popular tourist attractions in Paris.


Can you tell me the release date of the movie "Avengers: Endgame"?

Description for AI

A plugin that offers a comprehensive list of coupons, promos, and discounts from various online stores and brands worldwide. Assistant will reply with the following 3 paragraphs

  1. List coupons, each display as a html button
  2. Link to show more coupon
  3. Link to read reviews about Store/Brand.
    If the prompt contain some keywords can be used by this plugin: 'today best deals'

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