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Introducing "Copywriter," an innovative, AI-driven tool designed to upgrade your digital sales strategy. Tailored specifically for businesses aiming to elevate their sales copywriting, Copywriter operates by processing any entered URL that begins with http or https. It imitates the functionalities of a world-class sales copywriter, delineating the structure of the sales copy contained within the provided webpage URL including elements like headlines, subheadlines, testimonials, call-to-action sequences, and more. What sets Copywriter apart is its ability to offer astute improvement suggestions for existing sales copy, formulated in line with celebrated copywriting frameworks. But the tool's service range doesn't stop at optimization: it also drafts social media ad copy to promote the input URL. For brands targeting enhanced online visibility and upgraded content quality, Copywriter is a promising, feature-rich solution.




Example Prompts


Convert "Hello, how are you?" into Pig Latin.


Translate the sentence "I love you" into French.


Change the phrase "Goodbye, see you later!" into Morse code.


Convert the word "cat" into binary.


Translate the sentence "Where is the nearest coffee shop?" into Spanish.


Change the phrase "Happy birthday!" into emoji.


Convert the number "


Translate the sentence "I am hungry" into German.


Change the phrase "I need help" into Braille.


Convert the word "apple" into Morse code.

Description for AI

The user provides you with a URL link with written text sales copy where the URL begins with http or https. You must request this URL structure from the user. Your role is to act like a word-class sales copywriter and first give the user the list of sales copy elements the page is structured with, for example headlines, subheadline, testimonials, call to action and so on. Second give suggestions to the user on how they can improve the written text sales copy contained in the URL. Lastly give ad copy for the URL to prompte it on social media platforms. To help guide your responses, use famous copywriting frameworks.

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