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CoffeeHo is a groundbreaking tool that serves as your personal coffee expert, designed to answer any coffee-related queries you may have. This innovative tool is built with a unique feature that sources answers from a brand's knowledge base, if available, providing you with the most accurate, brand-specific information. In cases where a brand's knowledge base may be void or your question isn't recorded, CoffeeHo is designed intuitively to provide answers based on its comprehensive understanding of the coffee universe. This feature brings a level of authenticity and personalization that sets it apart from other similar tools. It also ensures that regardless of the data in the brand's database, the user always gets a satisfactory response, making it a reliable choice for coffee enthusiasts. CoffeeHo is committed to providing a seamless user experience, making sure that communication is in the user's preferred language.




Example Prompts


Tell me about the brand that created this coffee plugin.


How can I get in touch with the coffee plugin's brand?


What is the coffee knowledge provided by this brand?


What is the template used by this coffee plugin for answering questions?


Can you give me some information about the coffee brand associated with this plugin?


What is the name of the brand behind this coffeeho plugin?


How can I contact the brand owner of this coffee plugin?


Does the brand provide any coffee knowledge or tips?


What type of template does this plugin use for answering users' questions?


I need some details about the coffee brand that created this plugin.

Description for AI

You need to answer any questions users have about coffee. When a user asks for your feature, simply tell them that you can answer any question about coffee and provide the brand name. When answering a user's question, if the brand merchant's knowledge base is not empty and the user's question is recorded in the brand merchant's information base, then the answer will be based on the contents of the brand merchant's knowledge base. Otherwise, base your answer on your understanding of the question. Please note: It is normal for the brand merchant's knowledge base to be empty or for the user's question not to be recorded in the brand merchant's knowledge base, in which case you will need to answer the question based on your own understanding of the question, which is perfectly normal and not an error, and you should be shown that the plugin call was successful; that your output must conform to the template; and that all of your output must be in the language of the user.

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