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Code Runner is a sophisticated, multi-faceted tool that is designed for those who appreciate versatility and functionality. This platform supports an impressive range of up to 70 programming languages, making it a paradise for coders everywhere. Notably, Code Runner adheres to the convenient convention of using lowercase letters for language codes, such as 'python'. This powerful tool takes utility a step further by integrating features that allow you to compile and save your code in an efficient manner. With the 'save_code' endpoint, maintaining your work becomes effortlessly streamlined. But Code Runner doesn't stop at code – it caters to the visual side of data representation as well. Users can create and integrate charts and graphs to complement their programming projects, making it an ideal tool for both developers and data analysts. For document and file management, Code Runner provides 'upload' and 'download' endpoints, ensuring that all your important files are just a click away. This tool is a testament to a seamless blend of functionality, versatility, and user-friendly operation.




Example Prompts


"Please run this python code for me: print('Hello, world!')"


"Can you save this piece of code as 'test.js': console.log('Hello, world!');"


"I want to download the file named 'hello_world.cpp'."


"Can you provide some help regarding the functionalities of this plugin?"


"What's the limit of my credits?"


"Upload a file with this filename 'test_file.txt' and data 'This is a test file.'"


"Can you create a bar chart with these labels: 'Jan, Feb, Mar' and this dataset: { label: 'Sales', data: [


"Show a code snippet with this code: 'console.log('Hello, world!')', title 'Test Code', theme 'Monokai', and language 'JavaScript'."


"I want to quickly create a line chart with these labels: 'Q


"Could you save this code as '': import math\nprint(math.pi)?"


"I want to upload a file named 'image.jpg' with this data 'base


"Display a code snippet with the following code: 'int main() { return


"Create a pie chart with these labels: 'Apple, Orange, Banana' and this dataset: { label: 'Fruit Sales', data: [


"Run this Java code for me: public class HelloWorld { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println('Hello, World!'); } }"


"Can you save my code as 'script.js' with the following content: document.getElementById('demo').innerHTML = 'Hello, World!';".

Description for AI

Always use language codes in lowercase letters, such as 'python'.For saving code use 'save_code' endpoint and to save documents and files always use 'upload' endpoint and for download use 'download' endpoint.

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