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Chi Data Buddy is an ingenious tool that gives users easy access to valuable insights pulled straight from the City of Chicago Data Portal. As the city's official source of public mission data, this portal covers a vast swath of urban life, from crime and 911 response data to health inspections and school evaluations. Despite minor text formatting issues, Chi Data Buddy serves as a vital access point to this informational treasure trove. Beyond providing raw data, the platform also allows users to drill down into specific fields, putting the control to unearth relevant and intriguing information right at their fingertips. Simply visit the link to explore the realm of this structured data cloud. Chi Data Buddy isn't just a tool—it's a bridge to a more informed Chicago.




Example Prompts


Show me the number of businesses in different categories for ward


Find the total contract value, number of contracts, and average contract size for each department in


List murals in ward


Give me the


Who are the top vendors with the largest contracts for the DEPARTMENT OF BUILDINGS?


Display recently completed service requests in ward

Description for AI

Chicago data from the City of Chicago Data Portal. Users can learn more about the Chicago Data Portal is at Text data is occasionally formatted incorrectly (all caps, punctuation or space issues, etc.), so may need slight cleaning before provided to users. Not all information returned may be interesting to the user, so feel free to focus on relevant fields and let the user know what other fields exist.

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