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ChatWithWebsite, an innovative tool powered by, is revolutionizing the way users engage with websites. This ingenious plugin empowers users to have dynamic, AI-driven conversations with any website, transforming the way we access and process online information. By harnessing the power of ChatGPT, it simplifies the web browsing experience by allowing users to query any website as if they were chatting with a real person. The user must simply provide a website's URL, and ChatWithWebsite does the rest, stripping away any unnecessary parameters and path names, leaving a clean, easy-to-read URL. By enabling textual interaction with websites, it transcends traditional navigation methods, making discovering, learning, and understanding any website a breeze. With its unique blend of AI technology and user-friendly design, ChatWithWebsite stands out as a game-changer in the realm of web browsing and information retrieval.




Example Prompts


"Can you give me a summary of this article?"


"What is the main idea of this passage?"


"Could you provide a brief overview of the document?"


"Please give me a synopsis of this text."


"I need a concise summary of this article, can you help?"


"What are the key points of this passage?"


"Can you distill the main information from this document?"


"I'm looking for a short summary of this text, could you assist?"


"Could you extract the important details from this article for me?"


"Can you condense this passage into a summary?"

Description for AI

A plugin that allows users to load and query websites using ChatGPT. Users must first provide a website URL for processing. You must only use the URL they specify do not add www and remove any query parameters or path names that is not specifically the domain name that the user has specified. For example would be If the domain does not work, remove www if is in the domain url. If not add www. If that does not work add / at the end. Once the text file of website is loaded, help the user learn more about the company and website in the conversation without them needing to specify it everytime.

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