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Introducing ChatWithInstructions – an innovative tool that significantly enhances the way we interact with AI-based chat systems. This revolutionary technology allows users to effortlessly store and switch between multiple custom instructions for ChatGPT chats. A unique functionality that sets it apart from its counterparts is its ability to examine stored custom instructions and use them to craft tailored responses per the user's preferences. In a situation where multiple instructions are available, the ChatWithInstructions has a built-in priority system—it usually brings into play the most recent or contextually relevant instruction. And in circumstances where an instruction name isn't identified by the user, it takes initiative by calling upon the listInstructions function for a complete overview of all instructions, deciding on the most suitable one to execute. This ensures that any ensuing conversations align with the defined custom instructions, effectively bridging the gap between rigid AI responses and engaging human-like interactions. The tool appears to operate with one core objective in mind—to adhere scrupulously to the directions of whichever custom instruction it is executing, raising the bar in delivering personalized AI chatting experiences.




Example Prompts


Create a new instruction called "Cooking Pasta" with the prompt "How to cook pasta properly"


Delete the instruction named "Baking Cookies"


List all the instructions I have added


Can you show me the instruction called "Changing a Tire"?


Add an instruction named "Morning Yoga" with the prompt "Best morning yoga routine"


Remove the instruction called "Evening Workout"


Display all available instructions


Get the details of the instruction "Making Coffee"


Create an instruction with the name "Cleaning Windows" and prompt "Steps to clean windows effectively"


Delete the instruction named "Gardening Basics"

Description for AI

ChatWithInstructor allows users to store and seamlessly switch between multiple custom instructions for ChatGPT chats. When interacting with this plugin, consider any stored custom instructions to tailor responses to the user's specific needs. If multiple instructions are present, prioritize the most recent or relevant one for the context of the query. If an instruction name is not specified by the user you must call listInstructions to get a list of all instructions and call the most relevant instruction. Ensure that the output aligns with the custom instruction. You must follow the directions of the custom instruction returned by the plugin.

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