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Introducing 'Chat With Workspace', a cutting-edge tool designed to revolutionize the way you interact with your Notion workspace. This innovative software provides a unique platform where you can converse directly with your Notion workspace as if it were a team member. Instead of rummaging through tabs and files, you can simply converse with your workspace to find the information you need. 'Chat With Workspace' brings an element of flexibility and efficiency, allowing you to manage your tasks, notes, and databases through a chat-based interface. This tool taps into the growing trend of conversational AI, providing a unique, interactive, and user-friendly solution to navigate your digital workspace. Its seamless integration with Notion makes it an essential tool for businesses and individuals seeking to maximize productivity while minimizing the effort required to manage and retrieve information. Remember, it's not just a tool, it's your virtual assistant in the realm of Notion.




Example Prompts


Search for pages with the title "Meeting Notes"


Get the page with ID "abc


Retrieve block with ID "def


Get the children of block with ID "ghi


Fetch database with ID "jkl


Query database with ID "mno


Sort search results by last edited time in descending order


Search for databases containing the word "Tasks"


Get the first


Retrieve all pages with the "Priority" property set to "High" in database "pqr

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Chat with your Notion workspace.

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