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Chat With Excel is an innovative tool that is revolutionizing the way we interact with spreadsheets and databases. Instead of navigating through complex data sets using traditional methods, this tool allows users to converse with their spreadsheets as if they were a friend. It simplifies data analysis by transforming intricate processes into a conversational dialogue, making it possible for even non-tech savvy individuals to perform sophisticated analyses with relative ease. The tool's primary function is to analyze databases and spreadsheets, but its true strength lies in its ability to make the process more user-friendly and engaging. While maintaining a neutral, non-promotional tone, it's worth highlighting that Chat With Excel’s unique approach to data interaction provides a fresh perspective on data analysis, appealing to both seasoned data analysts and beginners alike.




Example Prompts


"What data sources are available for me to query?"


"I need help with how to use this plugin."


"I want to link a database for querying. Here are the details."


"I would like to link a Google Sheet to our conversation."


"Can we manipulate a sheet for data analysis? Here's the Python code."


"I want to run a query on a database. Here's the SQL."


"I would like to upload a file for use with manipulate_sheet."


"Can we attach this file to our conversation for use with manipulate_sheet?"


"What email am I logged in with for managing my data?"


"I would like to visualize my data in a plot. Here are the details of the dataset."

Description for AI

Perform analysis on databases and spreadsheets.

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