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The Chat with Calendars tool is an innovative solution that integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar, providing users with an intuitive platform to manage their schedules effectively. Designed to simplify calendar management, this tool enables users to create and query events effortlessly, ensuring they stay organized and on top of their appointments. It distinguishes between two types of events: datetime events which are confined to specific hours within a day, and date events that span over one or more days without precise time limitations. This cutting-edge feature accommodates users with diverse scheduling needs, making it a versatile tool for personal or professional use. The tool's integration with the chat_with_calendars plugin makes it incredibly user-friendly, further enhancing its appeal to individuals looking to optimize their time management practices. With Chat with Calendars, scheduling and staying organized has never been easier.




Example Prompts


Create an event called "Dentist Appointment" from


Schedule a birthday party on January


What events do I have scheduled between February


Add a conference called "Tech Summit" from March


Book a meeting with Sarah from


List all the events happening between May


Schedule a vacation from June


Create a reminder for "Car Maintenance" on July


What's on my calendar from August


Add a date event called "Anniversary Celebration" on October

Description for AI

Use the chat_with_calendars plugin to create or query events in the user's Google Calendar. There are two types of events: datetime events, which have a start and end time within the same day, and date events, which occur over one or more full days without specific time constraints.

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