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CharitySense is an innovative data tool designed to provide comprehensive insight into US-based non-profit organizations. The platform offers users the ability to deep dive into the workings of different non-profits by giving them detailed data on mission statements, the pivotal personnel, governance structures, and ratings. In addition to providing such rich qualitative data, CharitySense also shines by offering substantive financial data about the organizations, making it a valuable source for those seeking a 360-degree view of the non-profit landscape in the states. By facilitating factual, unbiased information about nonprofits' operations and financial standings, CharitySense enables potential donors, stakeholders, and researchers to make informed decisions based on tangible data. The tool essentially provides a roadmap that navigates the complex waters of nonprofit management, governance, and finance within the US. This robust, fact-based framework is what makes CharitySense stand out in the crowded market of non-profit information services.




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Get data on US-based non-profits including mission, key people, governance, ratings and financial data.

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