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BUZZ.NEW emerges as an innovative solution in the world of business management tools, designed to streamline your operations seamlessly. Perfect for burgeoning businesses or established enterprises, BUZZ.NEW gives users the ability to take their ideas from conception to reality by creating, managing, and tracking their own ventures. It neatly manages your product inventory, keeping a meticulous record that helps in eliminating any potential oversights. One standout feature is its order handling, which handles the complete lifecycle of an order with absolute efficiency. Providing you with complete control and visibility of your business, BUZZ.NEW paves the way for organized, optimized business management. Its high level of user-friendliness and comprehensive features make it more than just an ordinary tool—it’s your business companion.




Example Prompts


"Create a new business called 'Sweet Treats', use the alias 'sweet-treats'. The description is 'We provide a variety of homemade cakes and cookies'. My email is '' and my whatsapp number is '+


"I want to delete my business with the alias 'my-old-business' and my email is ''."


"List all the services available with a limit of


"I want to place an order for '


"I want to ask 'What is the price of your Red Velvet Cake?' to the business with the alias 'sweet-treats'."


"Start a business with the name 'Fashion Hub', alias 'fashion-hub', and description 'Your one-stop shop for trendy clothes and accessories'. My email is '' and my whatsapp number is '+


"Can you delete the business with alias 'old-fashion-store' and the owner email is ''?"


"Can I have a list of all services available with a prefix 'Fashion'?"


"I would like to place an order for '


"Can I ask 'Do you have any discounts on accessories?' to the business with alias 'fashion-hub'."

Description for AI

Buzz.NEW is a business management tool for you. It allows users to create a business, manage products, and handle orders. Say new business to get started!

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