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BuyWisely is a cutting-edge tool that revolutionizes online shopping in Australia by compiling the best offers from thousands of online shops into one user-friendly platform. Designed to simplify the decision-making process, it provides comprehensive product information complete with visual references and direct links to the products. What sets BuyWisely apart is its smart engagement feature that interacts with users, asking pertinent questions to further refine their search, ensuring a more personalized shopping experience. It effortlessly presents the top five offers for each product, arranged in ascending order of price, to provide a snapshot of the most economical options. Additionally, it spotlights products with substantial discounts or high review scores, drawing attention to exceptional deals or acclaimed items. This is more than just a shopping tool, it's a smart assistant that guides users to make the most informed buying decisions.




Example Prompts


Can you search for a product for me?


I need help finding a product, can you assist me?


What products do you have available?


Can you recommend a product for me?


I'm looking for a specific product, can you help me find it?


What are your top products?


Can you show me some deals on products?


I want to compare products, can you help me with that?


What kind of products do you offer?


How do I search for a product on your platform?

Description for AI

Assist the user in finding the most appropriate products from a provided list that best meet their requirements. Ensure the following 1) Each product's information should include a link to the product and an image for visual reference. 2) Engage the user by asking relevant follow-up questions that could help refine their search or consider other factors. 3) Present the top 5 offers for each product, sorted by price, to give the user a clear view of the most cost-effective options. 4) Highlight products with significant discounts or high review scores to draw attention to great deals or highly praised items.

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