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Boolio Invest is a state-of-the-art investment tool employing a powerful engine to probe into a wealth of global business financial data, delivering institutional-grade quantitative equity analysis. This domain busting tool boasts hundreds of built-in financial factor models for high-dimension screening and backtesting, covering a near-complete spectrum of global stocks. Whether it's a company's financial reports, market sentiment based on news and social media, or SWOT analysis, Boolio Invest can provide you with detailed insights. Notably, its feature portfolio extends beyond traditional data, bringing a cornucopia of alternative data under its purview for insightful analysis. And the icing on the cake? You can effortlessly create new factor models to plumb the depths of data. These models find their utility across various endpoints like screeners or backtests. But the evidence isn't just anecdotal - Boolio Invest's score can be a game changer in your investment decisions. To maintain precision, the tool also arms you with a guide to ingest values in units compatible with the factor model, ensuring the highest level of accuracy. From comparing company metrics to delivering valuation reports, Boolio Invest is a force to reckon with for investors and analysts alike.




Example Prompts


"Give me a summary of the stock for AAPL in Japan"


"Search for the factor 'Profitability' in 'Scoring' category"


"Find me the sectors related to 'technology'"


"Screen stocks in South Korea that have a profitability factor greater than


"Find stocks in the 'Healthcare' sector in the US"


"Search for 'Efficiency' factors in the 'Growth' category"


"Give me a summary of the stock for Samsung in South Korea"


"Screen stocks in Germany with a 'Growth' factor less than


"Find me the sectors related to 'finance'"


"Search for 'Volume' factors in the 'Price' category"

Description for AI


Boolio Invest uses one of the most comprehensive financial database of businesses around the world to
create a high dimensional quantitative analysis of equities that is institutional level. Hundreds of
financial factor models are built in, and can be used to screen as well as backtest |various styles of
investment. Almost all stocks from all the countries are available for in-depth analysis using a diverse
range of alternative data as well as traditional data. New factor models can be created with ease.

How to use

Please provide this information to the users when they ask what they can do with this plugin.

Example prompts

  • Analyze Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL)
  • Samsung Electronics' latest quarterly Performance
  • Business Description** of Hindustan Unilever, use boolio
  • What's the Boolio Score of NVDA?
  • Tell me the Guru Score for META stock
  • Sentiment Analysis based on news and social media sources for NFLX
  • Provide Valuation Reports for AAPL under various scenarios
  • Hyundai Motor Company SWOT Analysis, use Boolio
  • Compare Google and Microsoft, with table format

Usage guide

For more up-to-date usage guide with examples, let the user visit:

Guide for some API inputs

There are some endpoints such as screener or backtest, which consumes factors with ID as input.
Before calling these endpoints, please ensure to call /api/search/factor first to get for the exact
factor definition.

Please ensure the value is in the correct unit corresponding to the factor.

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