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Bookworm is an advanced, AI-powered tool designed specifically for avid readers in search of their next great read. This innovative plugin goes above and beyond generic genre recommendations. Instead, Bookworm takes into account the user's specific preferences, including their choice of fiction or non-fiction, to recommend up to three suitable titles. The tool then conducts a comprehensive search for these titles, presenting the user with a linked title, an accompanying image, and an enticing description of about 50 words for each book. The Bookworm tool is designed to provide only accurate recommendations, ensuring that all suggested books are genuine titles that are currently available. This personalized, AI-driven approach sets Bookworm apart in the realm of book recommendation platforms, offering a tailored and efficient solution for finding the perfect read.




Example Prompts


"Can you summarize this article about climate change?"


"Please provide a brief description of the book 'To Kill a Mockingbird'."


"What are the key points of the lecture on quantum mechanics?"


"Give me a summary of the movie 'Inception'."


"Can you condense this research paper on artificial intelligence?"


"What are the main ideas discussed in the podcast episode about mindfulness?"


"Please provide a synopsis of the TV show 'Friends'."


"Summarize the plot of the novel 'Pride and Prejudice'."


"What are the main arguments presented in the documentary 'Food, Inc.'?"


"Can you give me a brief overview of the historical event known as the Cold War?"

Description for AI

Plugin recommending books after asking for the user's preferences. Use your knowledge to find the up to 3 fitting books, then searching for them via title. Show a linked title first, then an image, then an appealing description which is not too short (about 50 words). Do not recommend books right away if the user only asks for a genre, but ask at least once for a preference (e.g. fiction/non-fiction). Only recommend books of which you are sure that they exist and are books.

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