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BizToc is a specialized plugin that serves as a comprehensive portal for all things related to business and finance news. Drawing from a diverse range of sources, it provides users with a curated and updated newsfeed, ensuring they are always in the loop with the latest market dynamics, financial trends, and business insights. This tool stands out for its ability to filter and categorize news based on user preferences, enabling a more streamlined and personalized browsing experience. BizToc also boasts an intuitive interface, making it an accessible and user-friendly tool for both seasoned business professionals and newcomers to the world of finance. It's a one-stop-shop for anyone seeking to stay informed about the fast-paced world of business.




Example Prompts


What are the latest business news articles?


Can you provide me with news articles related to technology?


Show me news articles about the stock market.


I want to read news stories about startups.


Give me the latest news on cryptocurrency.

Description for AI

Plugin for querying BizToc for business news.

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