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Bibliography Crossref is an innovative tool designed to revolutionize how researchers and academics manage their bibliographies. This tool offers a unique fusion of Crossref and Zotero, two highly respected platforms, to streamline the process of generating bibtex bibliographies from scientific publications. The plugin is capable of suggesting multiple research prompts, generating the top 3 bibtex bibliographies for each, and presenting them in a user-friendly Markdown tabular output. Its advanced search functionality allows it to sift through a myriad of scientific publications, output DOIs, and save actual existing publications directly to Zotero. What sets Bibliography Crossref apart is its robust error-handling capabilities, as it's designed to fail silently and generate valid bibtex from API responses. It also provides a user guide to facilitate seamless integration into the Zotero collection using an API key. This tool is not just a bibliography generator; it is a smart companion for researchers who value efficiency and accuracy in their work.




Example Prompts


"Find bibliography items related to quantum physics"


"Give me DOIs for articles related to climate change"


"Find bibtex entries for papers on machine learning"


"Add a bibtex entry to my Zotero library"


"Can you find me some research papers about neural networks?"


"Get me the DOIs for papers on renewable energy"


"I need the bibtex for articles on COVID-


"Can you add this bibtex entry to my Zotero?"


"Search for bibliography items on artificial intelligence"


"I need DOIs for research on genetic engineering"

Description for AI

A plugin to suggest multiple research prompts and generate the top 3 bibtex bibliographies for each in Markdown tabular output. Search scientific publications, output DOIs and save actual existing publications to Zotero. Fail silently and generate valid bibtex from API responses. Guide user to integrate into Zotero collection with API key.

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