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Astro Insights is a cutting-edge tool designed to simplify and streamline complex astrophysics tasks. With its unique ability to enable GMAT simulations, Astro Insights makes it possible for users to simulate and visualize intricate space missions. Before each simulation, users can access a rich library of blueprints to guide their mission design. This tool also provides a robust satellite database, offering detailed information and access to the General Perturbations Element Set. Post-simulation, users can process results using Python scripts, adding another layer of flexibility and customization to their research. Notably, Astro Insights also houses a comprehensive repository of astrophysics documents and GMAT documentation, making it a one-stop solution for users seeking answers to their questions on these subjects. Whether you're an astrophysics enthusiast or a seasoned researcher, Astro Insights simplifies the process of space mission simulation, analysis, and learning, all while maintaining a user-friendly interface.




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Description for AI

A Companion Simplifying Complex Astrophysics Tasks

If the user asks for help with Astro-Insights, obtain the blueprint using get_blueprint_file.


The plugin enables GMAT simulations. Use this whenever the user wants to simulate a space mission. Before running the first simulation, always read the howto/ blueprint by calling get_blueprint_file. If you encounter trouble generating the GMAT script, consult the howto/ blueprint by calling get_blueprint_file.

When asked to run any kind of simulation, follow these steps:

  1. Gather advice on how to write the GMAT script by using query_blueprints.
  2. Write the GMAT script and run the simulation.
  3. Display the results.
  4. Expect the user to inquire about the simulation. Use get_result to answer their questions.


After a simulation has finished, some results can be processed by providing a Python script.


The plugin provides blueprints for space missions. Each time before a simulation, ask for a blueprint. If one exists, learn from it. If you don't know the specific name of the blueprint, use query_blueprints with any term you want.

Satellite Database

A database for satellites is available to obtain detailed information and the General Perturbations Element Set.

GMAT and Astrophysics Documentation

This plugin allows searching through astrophsical documents the GMAT documentation to find answers to questions and retrieve relevant information.
Use it whenever a user asks questions about GMAT or astrophysics.

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