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AskYourCode is a revolutionary tool transforming the way software developers interact with their project's source code and documentation. This advanced software offers unique summarization and search capabilities, assisting users to navigate complex programming projects with ease and precision. From Python to JavaScript, AskYourCode caters to multiple popular programming languages, ensuring a broad scope of usability. Its principal functionality lies in facilitating a smooth project discovery process, enabling developers to retrieve only those components pertinent to a task, streamlining their workflow process. By automating tedious copy-pasting coding procedures, it helps save time and enhances productivity, thereby modernizing the coding paradigm. Through AskYourCode, developers can now 'ask' their code, transforming the conventional developer-to-code relationship into a more interactive and efficient dynamic. In a realm where software development is becoming increasingly intricate, AskYourCode offers a crucial helping hand by making code exploration a more manageable and task-oriented endeavor.




Example Prompts


How do I calculate the area of a triangle?


Can you show me an example of finding the square root of a number?


What is the formula for calculating the volume of a sphere?


How do I convert Celsius to Fahrenheit?


Can you provide an example of solving a quadratic equation?


What is the process for finding the derivative of a function?


How do I determine the probability of an event occurring?


Can you give me an example of solving a system of linear equations?


What is the formula for calculating the perimeter of a rectangle?


How do I simplify a complex fraction?

Description for AI

Provides summarization and search capability over the source code and documentation of a software project. Facilitates discovering the project gradually, retrieving only the parts relevant for reasoning about the task at hand.

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