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Introducing Ask VG, a cutting-edge content archive search plugin specifically designed to navigate the extensive repository of articles over at VG. Whether you're hunting down information on recent news events, seeking insights on prominent people in Norway, or delving into the latest developments in the current affairs landscape, Ask VG has got you covered. Equipped with powerful search algorithms and user-friendly interface, this innovative tool serves as your personal research assistant in accessing a wealth of data at your fingertips. With Ask VG, you won't miss a beat in staying informed about the topics that matter to you, all without the hassle of sifting through manual searches. Experience a new level of content discovery with Ask VG, providing you with accurate and relevant results in a flash.




Example Prompts


"Find articles related to the recent climate change conference."


"Search for news on the Tesla Cybertruck."


"Provide me with the top trending articles of today."


"What are the most popular articles since last Monday?"


"Look up information about the recent SpaceX launch."


"Find articles about the


"Show me the most read articles from the past week."


"Search for news about the Covid-


"Find articles related to the latest advancements in AI technology."


"What are the most popular news stories from yesterday?"

Description for AI

Plugin for searching through VG's articles to find answers to questions and retrieve relevant information. Use it whenever a user asks something related to news events, people in Norway, current events.

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