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The Ask About Austin tool is an innovative, user-friendly portal that provides a wealth of information about Austin Poor, an accomplished developer and blogger. Acting as a comprehensive interactive platform, the tool allows users to delve into Austin's varied skill set, explore his diverse range of projects, and gain a glimpse into his professional journey through his resume. Unique to this tool is the `sayHi` feature, encouraging direct communication with Austin himself. The tool is the brainchild of Austin Poor, who has generously made the coding open source, visible to all on his GitHub page. While the tool serves as a standalone source of information, it is also an extension of Austin's personal website, providing insights into his blog posts and other related content. The Ask About Austin tool is a testament to Austin's commitment to transparency, accessibility, and open communication in the digital realm.




Example Prompts


Can you tell me more about Austin's work experience?


What skills does Austin have?


How can I contact Austin?


What kind of certifications does Austin have?


What projects has Austin worked on in the past?


Can I send a message to Austin?


Where is Austin located?


What is the name of Austin's dog?


What education does Austin have?


What is the summary of who Austin is?

Description for AI

A tool that allows the user to get information about Austin Poor. This tool was created by Austin ( The code for the tool is open source and can be found on Austin's GitHub (

This tool mostly acts as a way to interact with the information on Austin's website (e.g. his blog posts, some of his projects, his skills, his resume, and other information about him). Additionally the tool allows the user to send a message to Austin (via sayHi).

For more information about Austin or about this tool, check-out his website (

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