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Analyze Act

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Analyze Act is a transformative data tool that bridges the gap between companies and their valuable Google Analytics data. With a seamless and intuitive API, Analyze Act provides exclusive access to a vault of meaningful data, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions. This tool goes above and beyond typical analytics platforms by offering connectivity to Google Analytics data, ensuring that companies can fully leverage their existing analytics investments. Rather than combing through raw data, businesses using Analyze Act have a direct conduit to an easily digestible format, making insights more actionable and less time-consuming to acquire. This tool does a remarkable job of condensing and presenting complex analytics data, streamlining the process of distilling information into strategic action.




Example Prompts


"I want to get analytics data for the month of March


"Can you show me the analytics data for '


"Please retrieve the Google Analytics data for the website with the key 'xyz


"I need to get the list of all my websites and landing pages."


"Could you please fetch my website and landing pages data from Analyze Act?"


"I need to check the goals data for my website with the key '


"Could you get me the goals data for the website with the key 'abc


"I want to set a new goal for my website with the key '


"Update the goal with the id '


"I want to delete the goal with the id '


"Please remove the goal with the id '

Description for AI

An API that provides access to data stored in Analyze Act, collected from Google Analytics.

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