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A/B Analytics, powered by, is a revolutionary tool designed for in-depth data analysis and A/B testing. Seamlessly integrated with notable platforms like Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, it takes the complexity out of data analytics, throwing open the door to top-tier data interpretation. Demystifying numbers and statistics, A/B Analytics delivers the function of setting up experiments to comprehend which strategy works best for your online presence and operational outcome. After a simple initial authentication process for your data sources, users are empowered to explore their metrics like never before. Its unique selling point lies in paving the way for data-driven decisions, helping optimize a website's effectiveness based on actual user interactions, not plain guesswork. This is invaluable in an era where understanding customer behavior is the key to an impactful online presence and, ultimately, business success. Surprisingly, A/B Analytics dispenses its impressive potential while maintaining an ultra-intuitive user interface, clinching its reputation as a stellar data analysis solution.




Example Prompts


Show me the data from my Facebook Ads account.


Can you display the data from my Google Analytics account?


I'd like to see the data from my Instagram Insights account.


How can I authorize my Big Query connector?


Can you help me authorize my LinkedIn Ads connector?


Can you provide a list of all available connectors I can use?


Retrieve my Google Search Console data, please.


I want to see the data from my TikTok Ads account.


What accounts are available for my authorized connectors?


Can you graph my Google Analytics data for the last

Description for AI

This plugin allows users to A/B test and analyze their data. User must first authenticate their data sources. The plugin is powered by

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