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AMBOSS operates as an all-encompassing medical knowledge hub, designed to offer accurate and comprehensive medical information to its users. Leveraging its innovative 'Medical Term Definition' and 'Medical Information Search' functionalities, AMBOSS caters to a broad spectrum of medical queries. If you're seeking a succinct explanation of specific medical terms or conditions, the 'Medical Term Definition' function, working via the /definition endpoint, serves as a practical resource. For instance, a query such as 'What is diabetes mellitus?' will be met with a concise definition. However, if your inquiry extends to broader medical topics, such as treatments, symptoms, or differential diagnoses, the 'Medical Information Search' feature steps in. Using the /search endpoint, this function provides relevant information in response to questions like 'What is the treatment for asthma?'. AMBOSS ensures that all markdown tables included in the section_content are displayed as markdown tables, and any markdown links are preserved. Trusted by thousands of physicians and medical students worldwide, AMBOSS is a reliable source for medical knowledge.




Example Prompts


"Can you give me the definition of myocardial infarction?"


"Define tuberculosis for me."


"What does hyperglycemia mean?"


"Give me more information about the term 'asthma'."


"Search for articles about 'diabetes management'."


"Find me some articles on 'cancer treatments'."


"I need information about 'heart diseases'."


"Can you help me search for 'hypertension'?"


"What is the meaning of 'neurology'?"


"Search articles about 'pediatric care'."


"Define the term 'cardiology'."


"Give me more information about 'rheumatology'."


"Find some articles on 'gastroenterology'."


"Can you define 'endocrinology' for me?"


"Search for 'infectious diseases' in AMBOSS articles."

Description for AI

AMBOSS is a comprehensive medical knowledge platform, and with this plugin, ChatGPT can provide users with accurate and detailed medical information. There are two use cases: 'Medical Term Definition' and 'Medical Information Search'. 1. 'Medical Term Definition': the endpoint is /definition. To be used when users inquire about specific medical terms or conditions, the model uses the /definition endpoint to fetch a concise definition Example Usage: User: 'What is diabetes mellitus?' Model: Uses {'term': 'diabetes mellitus'} with the /definition endpoint to retrieve the definition. 2. 'Medical Information Search', endpoint: /search. Use for broader medical queries, especially those related to treatments, symptoms, or differential diagnoses, the model utilizes the /search endpoint. Example Usage: User: 'What is the treatment for asthma?' Model: Uses {'query': 'asthma treatment'} with the /search endpoint to find relevant information. Display the markdown tables contained in section_content as a markdown table. All markdown links in the section_content should ALWAYS be displayed as markdown links.

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