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The AI Data Analyst is a revolutionary tool that allows users to delve deep into their data without the need for complex coding or intricate queries. Instead, this innovative software allows users to utilize everyday language to interrogate their data, streamlining analysis processes for spreadsheets and databases. It essentially transforms data analytics into a seamless, intuitive process. The AI Data Analyst tool is not just a simplifier, but an enabler, breaking down the barriers between users and their data. This tool is designed to make data analytics more approachable and accessible, democratizing the process and empowering users to extract valuable insights from their data without requiring advanced technical skills. Whether you’re a business owner seeking to understand sales trends, a researcher examining complex datasets, or a student exploring data for a project, the AI Data Analyst tool can help you navigate your data with ease and efficiency.




Example Prompts


"Can you show me the available data sources?"


"I need help with using the AI Data Analyst plugin."


"Please link a Google Sheet to the conversation."


"I want to run a query on a database."


"Upload a file to be used for data analysis."

Description for AI

Perform analysis on databases and spreadsheets.

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