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Your AI Council is an innovative tool leveraged for evaluating user queries from a multi-faceted viewpoint. In a process that mirrors the collective decision-making of a real council, this tool employs an advanced API to dissect queries from five different angles, providing a comprehensive and nuanced response. This AI-powered system integrates a plethora of perspectives into its evaluation, thereby offering a broad spectrum of insights that cater to a diverse range of user needs. Whether you're seeking solutions or simply exploring possibilities, Your AI Council's unique approach to query evaluation ensures a well-rounded understanding of your query, nudging you closer to the answers you need. The tool strategically merges advanced AI technology with the wisdom of crowds, making it a potent resource in the realm of AI-assisted decision-making.




Example Prompts


Ask the council: "What is your opinion on the best investment strategy for long-term growth?"


Seek advice from the council: "Can you provide me with different perspectives on how to handle conflicts in the workplace?"


Request the council's opinion: "What are the pros and cons of implementing artificial intelligence in customer service?"


Inquire about the council's thoughts: "What are the potential solutions for reducing carbon emissions in the transportation industry?"


Consult the council: "What are the different factors to consider when choosing a career path?"


Seek diversified opinions: "What are the benefits and drawbacks of remote work for companies?"


Ask for the council's advice: "How can I improve my time management skills and increase productivity?"


Request the council's insights: "What are the different approaches to address income inequality in society?"


Inquire about the council's perspective: "What are the potential benefits and risks of using blockchain technology in supply chain management?"


Consult the council for guidance: "What are the different strategies to promote sustainable tourism?"

Description for AI

AI council sends the user query over to the api which evaluates it from 5 different perspectives and returns an evaluation.

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