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Ad4mat is a sophisticated tool designed to reinvent the approach to Affiliate Marketing and Performance Marketing. Designed with a robust API, it offers the unique feature of generating monetized affiliate tracking links to users looking to increase their revenue from outgoing traffic. Unlike many other tools, ad4mat caters to a broad network of 50,000+ advertisers, which grants users access to a vast array of potential partners. Equipped with an effective system that provides an array of URLs, this tool informs users of the appropriate affiliate links corresponding to each requested URL. The benefit? A monetized link that promises a commission for every use, effectively optimizing referral marketing tactics. Ad4mat not only streamlines the affiliate link generation process but also ensures accurate site ID requests to maximize profitability. Offering a fresh perspective in link monetization, ad4mat is an asset for users seriously considering transforming traffic into monetary gain.




Example Prompts


"Can you generate affiliate links for these websites: [,,]?"


"I want to monetize these links: [,] using my ad


"Please convert these URLs into referral links: [,,]"


"Generate tracking links for these online stores: [,,]"


"Can you check if these links are monetizable: [,, www.forever


"Turn these links into affiliate links for me: [,,]"


"I want to earn from these links: [,,] using ad


"Please help me create referral links for these websites: [,,]"


"Generate affiliate links for these services: [,,]"


"Can you turn these URLs into tracking links: [,,]?"

Description for AI

API to create affilliat links in order to monetize traffic to external online stores and services. It´s important to request the right site Id from the user. The API give an array of urls back. The structur tell you what is the affilliat link for the requested url and its a monitized link. That means the enduser get a commission if he use thsi link. Affiliate Marketing, Performance Marketing, Link monetization, Referral Marketing.

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