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API Documentation is a groundbreaking platform that has revolutionized the process of buying and selling startups. It offers an extensive database of startup businesses for sale, providing potential buyers with a wide range of opportunities to invest in the next big thing. This innovative tool allows users to browse hundreds of startups, making it easier than ever to dive into the exciting world of entrepreneurship.'s user-friendly search functionality enables potential buyers to identify viable prospects based on various parameters, including industry, location, and price range. Simultaneously, for those looking to sell their startups, this platform provides an efficient avenue to reach out to a vast pool of potential investors. is not just a marketplace, but a comprehensive tool that streamlines the complex process of startup acquisition, making it more accessible and manageable.




Example Prompts


"Find me startups based in United States that are in the SaaS industry."


"Browse ecommerce startups with a minimum price of $


"Can you search for mobile startups in Canada with a minimum revenue of $


"I need information on Shopify apps startups with a tech stack that includes Javascript and AWS."


"Search for startups in the crypto industry that are based in the UK and have a maximum price of $


"I want to find more about the startup with ID


"Search for startups with a description including online marketing."


"Can you list out marketplace startups in India?"


"I'm interested in startups working with AI technology."


"Show me information about the startup with the ID

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Search from hundreds of startups for sale.

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