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The Zeo Route Planner is an innovative tool that brings together the power of route optimization technology and user-friendly features to enhance your planning experiences. Whether you're embarking on a city tour, coordinating a series of deliveries, or plotting out a road trip, this tool streamlines the process, saving time and reducing stress. With its ability to accept a comprehensive list of addresses and parameters such as vehicle type, start and end times, and specific order preferences, the Zeo Route Planner offers a personalized solution for your route planning needs. The tool's standout feature is its ability to calculate the shortest possible route, providing accurate time, distance, and ETA details. This level of detail not only allows for precise planning but also offers potential cost and fuel savings. With its focus on efficiency and customization, the Zeo Route Planner is a robust solution for anyone looking to optimize their routing tasks.




Example Prompts


Plan the shortest route for me with these addresses:


Create an optimized route for my deliveries starting at


I need to visit these places:


Help me plan a road trip starting from


Optimize my delivery route with a

Description for AI

ZeoRoutePlanner is a route optimization plugin designed for route planning needs. It accepts a list of addresses and optional parameters such as vehicle type, start and end times, and specific order preferences. It returns the shortest possible route along with time, distance, and ETA details. Use it when the user requests route planning or optimization, particularly for delivery tasks, road trip planning, or city navigation.

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