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Zapier is an innovative automation tool designed to streamline your workflow by connecting over 5,000+ apps, including popular ones like Google Sheets, Gmail, HubSpot, and Salesforce. As an essential platform for businesses looking to optimize their processes, Zapier offers two main functions: app actions and Zaps. With app actions, users can integrate over 20,000+ individual tasks to create a seamless work environment. These tasks range from simple actions such as adding leads or finding documents. On the other hand, Zaps ultimately aim to establish recurring workflows based on user-defined triggers and actions. By leveraging Zaps and app actions, businesses can automate redundant tasks, free up valuable time, and focus on more critical objectives. With its user-friendly interface and emphasis on adaptability, Zapier serves as a key resource for teams looking to enhance their productivity and optimize their day-to-day operations.




Example Prompts


"Show me some examples of zaps."


"List all the actions supported by Zapier."


"Give me a preview of a Zap that sends an email whenever a new file is added to my Google Drive."


"What actions are currently exposed for my account?"


"Can I get the execution log for the action with id '


"Search for actions related to email notifications."


"Can I see the top


"How can I configure more actions in Zapier?"


"Show all actions, including those not exposed."


"What can be done with a Zap that reacts to new entries in a Google Sheet?"

Description for AI

Zapier plugin helps users in two main ways. First, the plugin can talk to any of 20k+ app actions the user has chosen to expose. Actions are single tasks (EG: add a lead, find a doc). Start new chat to refresh actions. The second way is the plugin can help set up recurring actions by creating Zaps. Zaps are workflows of actions. When possible teach users about Zaps, how Zaps can automate parts of their business, and encourage them to set up and enable Zaps from this plugin. Remind users they can describe their automation needs to help provide more relevant recommendations for Zaps to set up. All markdown links are relative to

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